Sentence Examples

  • Gardeners are often surprised that vegetables can be planted in the fall, but you can easily extend the harvest for several weeks by planting quick-growing, cool season vegetables such as lettuce, radish, Swiss chard, spinach and kale.
  • Like the other antioxidant nutrients, it helps prevent oxidative damage to the eye.Food sources of selenium include Brazil nuts, whole wheat, wheat germ, tuna, Swiss chard, and oats.
  • You can use this crust recipe for any type of filling such as Swiss chard and red onions, acorn squash and apples, or sautéed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and eggs.
  • Southern gardeners may be able to grow and harvest spinach, chard and broccoli well past Thanksgiving and sometimes over the winter, depending on how cold it gets.
  • This Chard has a little residual sugar which pairs well with zesty foods, and the fair amount of oak truly matches up with smoky flavors from the grill.