Sentence Examples

  • The average yield per acre of cane-sugar is the greatest in the world, 30 to 40.tons of cane being an average per acre, and as much as rot tons of sugar having been produced from a single acre under irrigation.
  • Frazer, who have made direct measurements of osmotic pressure of solution of cane-sugar, have also measured the freezing points of corresponding solutions.
  • 1906, p. 481) succeeded in measuring osmotic pressures of cane-sugar, dextrose, &c., up to 135 atmospheres.
  • Cane-sugar has the formula C12H22011.
  • P. Pfeffer (Osmotische Untersuchungen, Leipzig, 1877) was the first to obtain satisfactory measurements of osmotic pressures of cane-sugar solutions up to nearly I atmosphere by means of semi-permeable membranes of copper ferrocyanide.