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  • Towering eucalyptus, graceful pepper trees, tropic palms, rubber trees, giant bananas, yuccas and a wonderful growth of roses, heliotrope, calla lilies in hedges, orange trees, jasmine, giant geraniums and other flowers beautify the city throughout the year.
  • Clianthus Clivia Cobaea* Coleus Coprosma Cordyline Correa Cuphea Cyclamen Cyperus Cytisus Darwinia (Genetyllis) Diosma Dracaena Eccremocarpus* Epacris Epiphyllum Erica Eriostemon Erythrina Eucalyptus Eupatorium Eurya Ficus Fuchsia Grevillea Haemanthusf Heliotropium Hibiscus Hoya* Hydrangea Impatiens Jasminum * Justicia Kalosanthes Lachenaliaf Lantana Lapageria * Liliumt Lophospermum* Mandevillea* Manettia* Mutisia* Myrsiphyllum* Maurandya * Nerinef Nerium Pelargonium Petunia Pimelia Plumbago* Polianthesf Primula Rhododendron Richardia (Calla) f Salvia Sarracenia Solanum Sparmannia Statice Strelitzia Streptocarpus Swainsonia Tacsonia* Tecoma Tradescantia Vallotaf Spring Bedding.
  • But in contrast to skunk cabbage, you can easily pull a wild calla out of the soil.
  • Maybe you could have red callas ( that picture is gorgeous!
  • Pacific callas Suppliers of premium quality calla lily bulbs from the world's best calla lily growers.

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