Sentence Examples

  • The branches of the trees slithered overhead while brush and bramble scampered out of his way.
  • Katie frowned.  In the course of a day, Gabe had gone from emotional to unaffected when discussing Death.  He was distracted, and she felt like she was talking to someone completely different.  Blaming herself for taking his mind off of their survival, she fell silent and followed him.   Briars and branches caught her pant legs, and she found herself slowing to push more and more of the jungle's flora out of the way.  Gabe, too, began to struggle with the bramble, and she noticed the jungle no longer laid their path before him.  Instead of clearing away to allow them passage, it stayed where it was, obstructing them.
  • Katie rolled onto her stomach, almost too tired to get up.  The sky and jungle were growing dark.  Through the bramble, she saw the marble palace.  Death's palace.  Katie's heart beat harder as she looked at her destination, not at all certain this was where she should've gone but not knowing where else to go.
  • A sob escaped her, and she fell, oblivious to the bramble scraping her arms and neck.
  • Myrtillus) and the arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus) extend very far northward; raspberries and red and black currants form a luxuriant undergrowth in the forests, together with Ribes dikusha in East Siberia.

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