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  • Mr. Fisher has published The Mediaeval Empire (1898); Studies in Napoleonic Statesmanship (1903); A Political History of England (1906); Bonapartism (1908); Life of F.
  • Thus the old and true sense of the term emperor - the sense in which it was connected with the church in the present and with Rome in the past - finally perished; and the term became partly an apanage of Bonapartism (Louis Napoleon resuscitated it as Napoleon III.
  • So far as it has any such force in Europe, it may be said partly to be connected with Bonapartism, and to denote a popular but military dictatorship, partly to be connected with the federal idea, and to denote a precedence over other kings possessed by a ruler standing at the head of a composite state which may embrace kings among its members.
  • He was in fact evolving his programme of government, and in 1839 wrote and published his book: Des Idees napoleoniennes, a curious mixture of Bonapartism, socialism and pacificism, which he represented as the tradition of the First Empire.
  • This time events worked in his favour; the industrial insurrection of June made the middle classes and the mass of the rural population look for a saviour, while it turned the industrial population towards Bonapartism, out of hatred for the republican bourgeois.

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