Sentence Examples

  • Its curious leaves, hollowed like a horn, are blood-red in color, and form a compact tuft 1 foot or more in height and the same in breadth; the flowers, singular in shape, are not very showy.
  • Europe, worthy of a place among hardy Orchids, as the flowers are singular and in some kinds beautiful, as S. cordigera, with large showy flowers, chiefly of a blood-red color; S.
  • Lindeni has more pointed leaves, a deep blood-red color, is compact and graceful, and bears pinching back and pegging down to any height.
  • The flowers are in compact rounded trusses about 4 inches across, a bright blood-red, the leaves coated beneath with a rusty felt.
  • The leaves are 5 to 7 inches long, with flowers of a rich blood-red color borne in a compact truss 4 inches or more in diameter.