Sentence Examples

  • Werewolves, vampires, bigfoot and chupacabra are just some of the creatures currently placed in the category of the paranormal or urban legends until scientific proof places any of these mythological beings into the category of zoology.
  • Whether you believe Bigfoot is a myth or an undiscovered species lurking in the forests of North America, Sasquatch or Bigfoot remains alive and well in the public imagination and in the investigative activities of many groups.
  • If you're curious about whether or not Bigfoot has been sighted in your own neck of the woods, the website BFRO Geographical Data provides a searchable map of the United States, documenting known Bigfoot sightings.
  • On August 16th, a story first surfaced on local news stations that two Georgia men, Matthew Gary Whitton and Chuck Dyer, claimed that they had captured a corpse of Bigfoot and had it stored in a freezer in Georgia.
  • The difficulty with labeling the phenomenon of Bigfoot sightings as a cultural myth is that even ancient tribes handed down tales through the generations detailing their own sightings of legendary creatures.