Sentence Examples

  • In 1983, 29 ships appeared in the skies over Earth's major cities, blocking out the sun and terrifying the population until the commanders of these ships revealed they were humanoid in appearance.
  • You slam into them repeatedly in your ball form.Of course, there is also a little mode called combat mode, where Samus morphs back into humanoid form and battles evil with her arm cannon.
  • In later episodes, the survivors learn that the 13th tribe are Cylons, not humans as originally assumed and the humanoid Cylons found a planet in another system and they named it Earth.
  • Having the Resurrection Ship nearby, allows humanoid Cylons hiding among the humans on the Colonial ships to download their consciousnesses into a new body if they are killed.
  • Many legends, including one retold by President Teddy Roosevelt himself, describe Bigfoot as a tall humanoid creature with some features resembling that of a large bear.