Sentence Examples

  • In several respects he bettered the economic conditions of the papal states, but was disinclined to undertake the needed thoroughgoing reform of its administration.
  • Thus bettered the position of the church in Italy, the Guelph party grew stronger than ever, through the crushing defeat of the Pisans by the Genoese at Meloria in 1284.
  • Whittier became very sensible of his shortcomings; and when at leisure to devote himself to his art he greatly bettered it, giving much of his later verse all the polish that it required.
  • Nor were matters much bettered when the papacy took advantage of the presence of a Catholic queen in England, and sent over in 1625 a vicarapostolic 3 - that is, a prelate in episcopal orders, but without the full authority of a diocesan bishop. He was soon compelled.
  • Though the great Mahratta chiefs were learning to live rather as peaceful princes than as leaders of predatory bands, the example of lawlessness they had set was being followed, and bettered in the following, by a new set of freebooters, known as the Pindaris.

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