Sentence Examples

  • Every little pine needle expanded and swelled with sympathy and befriended me.
  • The pope and the emperor befriended this foundation; Frederick II.
  • Discontent became rife, and on the ship breaking out of the ice in the spring Henry Hudson had a violent quarrel with a dissolute young fellow named Henry Greene, whom he had befriended by taking him on board, and who now retaliated by inciting the discontented part of the crew to put Hudson and eight others (including the sick men) out of the ship. This happened on the 22nd of June 1611.
  • Thus the city successfully befriended the Athenians against Cleomenes I., and supported them against Aegina, their common commercial rival in eastern waters.
  • During the tenure of his appointment with Count Morzin he married the daughter of a Viennese hairdresser named Keller, who had befriended him in his days of poverty, but the marriage turned out ill and he was shortly afterwards separated from his wife, though he continued to support her until her death in 1 Boo.