Sentence Examples

  • No wife beater does.
  • And we both know if Shipton is a beater, chances are good she'll just keep on taking it, until he kills her or gets what he wants.
  • Nice guy, no world beater, always friendly....
  • In the Macarthy roller gin, the lint, drawn by a roller covered with leather (preferably walrus hide), is drawn between a metal plate called the " doctor " (fixed tangentially to the roller and very close to it) and a blade called the " beater " or knife, which rapidly moves up and down immediately behind, and parallel to, the fixed plate.
  • Various attempts have been made to substitute a comb for the knife or beater, and one of the latest productions is the " Universal fibre gin," in which a series of blunt combs working horizontally replace the solid beater and so-called knife of the Macarthy gin.

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