Sentence Examples

  • While the $200 price tag is steep for a blender, it is significantly lower than the high-end Vitamix blender, which is held as the gold standard by those raw food and juicing proponents and can cost upwards of $500.
  • The first thing I noticed after realizing how easy it is to assemble the it is that some of the decision making process that you have to use when working with a traditional blender or food processor is no longer necessary with this product.
  • The low price of Oster's small kitchen appliances often result in consumers considering them "throw away" appliances, meaning that most people are more likely to simply purchase a new model instead of trying to repair a broken blender.
  • You may never need to blend chunks of concrete in your kitchen, but if you're looking for a high-powered home appliance capable of liquefying fruits and vegetables in the push of a button, the HealthMaster blender may be your solution.
  • People who like conventional juicers claim that the pulp keeps your body from absorbing the nutrients from the juice easily.Proponents of the Vitamix blender claim that the whole fruit is more nutritious than drinking just the juice.