Sentence Examples

  • While there are a number of good books on the market that offer green smoothie recipes, it doesn't take much to figure out what you need to make a green smoothie that you like once you know the basics.
  • Juice and smoothie recipes are very flexible by nature, so try experimenting with found recipes and adding or subtracting ingredients until you find a mixture that's suited to your taste.
  • Whether you choose to drink acai juice, an acai berry smoothie or mix dried acai into your oatmeal, the benefits of acai offer support for practically every system of the body.
  • Vegetables in the cabbage family have been shown to help fight cancer, and you'd be surprised to learn that you can add them to a smoothie that still tastes sweet!
  • Smoothie Kit (Model number - 6026-000-BG3) - Oster makes a smoothie kit for the Osterizer blender that includes everything you need to produce personal smoothies.

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