Sentence Examples

  • Black Flys sunglasses and goggles are a staple product in the skate subculture, which includes skateboarding, snowboarders, surfers, competitive stunt bikers, paint-balling, water-sports, and general thrill-seeking activities.
  • Yelling, screaming and trying to cut down the opposition with rage and energy can and have been effective and if nothing else can offer a subculture a theme, a message to hang on, a way to remember to keep fighting.
  • The punk subculture is strongly defined by a few key themes, among them fashion: from edgy haircuts to plaid punk pants, various elements contribute to a hardcore, almost theatrical spirit.
  • Whether you're fascinated with the mod subculture of old or just looking for a way to save on gas in the warmer months, there are a number of places in Toronto for you to pick up a scooter.
  • Some of the most extravagant costumes come from a subculture that enjoys taking great care in re-inventing themselves in the vein of certain types of characters, anime characters included.