Sentence Examples

  • Africa; Australia (Beagle Bay, native settlement).
  • " Adventure" and " Beagle" (1839); Darwin, Voyage of a Naturalist round the World (1845); S.
  • (c) Dogs which find and also kill their game - the bloodhound, the foxhound, the harrier, the beagle, the otterhound, the fox terrier and the truffle dog.
  • " Beagle " found putrid musselshells still adhering to the rocks io ft.
  • Although on ordinary maps this region presents to the eye a hopelessly confused aggregate of islands, channels and fjord-like inlets, it is nevertheless clearly disposed in three main sections: (1) the main island; (2) the islands to the south, from which it is separated by Beagle Channel; (3) the islands to the west, marked off from those to the south by the Brecknock Peninsula.

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