Sentence Examples

  • "Aw, hell," Dan said as he appeared in the doorway.
  • Aw, shut up and stand up.
  • "Aw, this is cool weather for Norfolk," Leo replied.
  • For a single quantic of the first order (ab) is the symbol of a function of the coefficients which vanishes identically; thus (ab) =a1b2-a2bl= aw l -a1ao=0 and, indeed, from a remark made above we see that (ab) remains unchanged by interchange of a and b; but (ab), = -(ba), and these two facts necessitate (ab) = o.
  • Denoting the effective inertia of the liquid parallel to Ox by aW' the momentum aW'U = 4)0W' (24) _ U i -AO' 25) in this way the air drag was calculated by Green for an ellipsoida pendulum.