Sentence Examples

  • "Aw, hell," Dan said as he appeared in the doorway.
  • Aw, shut up and stand up.
  • Similarly, the inertia parallel to Oy and Oz is NW' - 1 B W', B C (b2 +-X, c 2 ab and A +C abc/ZP, Ao For a sphere a=b=c, Ao= Bo=Co =, 'a' = Q = = z, (9) U from (II), (16) so that the effective inertia of a sphere is increased by half the weight of liquid displaced; and in frictionless air or liquid the sphere, of weight W, will describe a parabola with vertical acceleration W - W', g (30) W+ aW Thus a spherical air bubble, in which W/W' is insensible, will begin to rise in water with acceleration 2g.
  • The vowel signs have no sound by themselves, but act upon the vowel sound" aw "inherent in the consonants, converting it into" a," i," o," ee," ow,"&c. Each of the signs has a name, and some of them produce modulations so closely resembling those made by another that at the present day they are scarcely to be distinguished apart.
  • It divides (chap. 8) evidences (7r1aTEts) into two kinds (I) evidence from arguments, actions and men (ai j s v E air&v Tcev Xhywv cal Twv 7rpit aw cal TWV avOpcoirwv); (2) adventitious evidences (ai S' iIriOETOtTOLs X yo,u vots cal Tois rpm-To/lb/0a).

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