Sentence Examples

  • Aw, shut up and stand up.
  • "Aw, this is cool weather for Norfolk," Leo replied.
  • For a single quantic of the first order (ab) is the symbol of a function of the coefficients which vanishes identically; thus (ab) =a1b2-a2bl= aw l -a1ao=0 and, indeed, from a remark made above we see that (ab) remains unchanged by interchange of a and b; but (ab), = -(ba), and these two facts necessitate (ab) = o.
  • Denoting the effective inertia of the liquid parallel to Ox by aW' the momentum aW'U = 4)0W' (24) _ U i -AO' 25) in this way the air drag was calculated by Green for an ellipsoida pendulum.
  • The Siamese alphabet consists of 44 consonants, in each of which the vowel sound" aw "is inherent, and of 32 vowels all marked not by individual letters, but by signs written above, below, before or after the consonant in connexion with which they are to be pronounced.