Sentence Examples

  • Authentic French country furniture can be found in antique stores and at auctions and estate sales. eBay and similar internet auction sites can also be great sources for authentic and replication pre-owned French country furniture.
  • For silent auctions, you'll need to create a bid sheet for each item that includes the minimum bid accepted, the minimum incremental increase, and rows where bidders can indicate their interest and amount they are willing to pay.
  • Once you have found a property, you usually will have to work with an agent or broker in order to make an offer since many lenders will not work with private buyers and many auctions only allow certain registered agents to bid.
  • Typically, used car dealerships purchase vehicles from auctions, off lease or as a trade-in, invest a certain amount of money to make the vehicle road worthy, and then resell that used vehicle for close to its market value.
  • Them auctions are a second home to him.