Sentence Examples

  • The law of constant proportions asserts that when two elements unite to form a compound the weights that combine are in an Law of invariable ratio, a ratio that is characteristic of that compound.
  • The law of multiple proportions asserts that if two elements form more than' one compound, then the weights of the one element Law of which are found combined with unit weight of the other multiple in the different compounds, must be in the ratio of two propor or more whole numbers.
  • 69) asserts that he was poisoned by order of Charles of Anjou.
  • If the Puritans regarded bowls with no friendly eye, as Lord Macaulay asserts, one can hardly wonder at it.
  • Herodotus mentions the temple dedicated to "Perseus" and asserts that Chemmis was remarkable for the celebration of games in honour of that hero, after the manner of the Greeks, at which prizes were given; as a matter of fact some representations are known of Nubians and people of Puoni (Somalic coast) clambering up poles before the god Min.

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