Sentence Examples

  • Though vigorous in thought and in some passages clear and eloquent, the style of the Systeme is diffuse and declamatory, and asserts rather than proves its statements.
  • The city never revived; Strabo asserts that no trace of it remained in his time, but Pausanias describes the ruins.
  • A second peculiarity of Ultramontanism is its confusion of religion with politics; it claims for the Roman Catholic Church the functions of a political power, and asserts that it is the duty of the secular state to carry out its instructions and wishes.
  • Fourier's theorem asserts that such a curve may be built up by the superposition, or addition of ordinates, of a series of sine curves of wave-lengths X, IX, 3A, 4A...
  • One competent to judge asserts that peace, not war, was the normal intertribal habit.

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