Sentence Examples

  • It would have been folly after that experience to risk defeat and perhaps disaster in assailing formidable positions, effectively held and assiduously fortified.
  • " The state of Christendom," he wrote, " dependeth upon the stout assailing of England.'
  • Coornhert could not plead for the toleration of heretics without assailing the dominant Calvinism, and so he opposed a conditional to its unconditional predestination.
  • During the first of these periods he deepened his unpopularity by assailing the undoubted prerogatives of the crown, by claiming for the House of Commons the right to override not only the king and the Lords but the opinion of the country, and by resisting a dissolution.
  • Gave France a strong motive for assailing the Spaniards in the New World now revealed to the ambition of Europe.

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