Sentence Examples

  • These classic movies depend on the artistry of the directors and the talent of the actors and actresses to carry the film, which is what makes classic movies so great to watch.
  • Contemporary artists such as Ed Hardy, Paul Jefferies and Mike Malone revived the tradition of old school tattoos while adding in present-day themes and personalized depictions (such as Asian artistry and American Indian themes).
  • Two talented sisters and bridal makeup artists, Rita and Anastasia, spent years studying chemistry, esthetics, and makeup artistry at schools like St. Johns University School of Pharmacy, Gloria Francis and Christine Valmy.
  • Notwithstanding the fact that a leather clutch is inherently elegant in and of itself, the addition of tooled artistry adds a unique, unexpected touch that is sure to make it stand out from the pack.
  • Gothic makeup may seem as easy as a dark glare in the general direction of the world; however, it is easy to lose your footing when it comes to this dramatically different type of cosmetic artistry.