Sentence Examples

  • This talented young woman started out by receiving her Bachelor's degree in Psychology before deciding to focus her time and energy 100% to her full passion - beauty and makeup artistry.
  • These classic movies depend on the artistry of the directors and the talent of the actors and actresses to carry the film, which is what makes classic movies so great to watch.
  • Covered with 18k White Gold Case, Black Roman Numerals etched in artistic fonts, Curved Sapphire Crystal (Scratch Resistant), and Date Display on the 6 Marker shows classy artistry.
  • In just a few short years, his incredible eye for detail and amazing ring artistry has made his styles highly desirable, and today Ritani is "America's premier jewelry designer."
  • Contemporary artists such as Ed Hardy, Paul Jefferies and Mike Malone revived the tradition of old school tattoos while adding in present-day themes and personalized depictions (such as Asian artistry and American Indian themes).