Sentence Examples

  • Go say mass I" drove off the Scottish archers and men-at-arms and charged the nearest square of pikes, which repulsed them with heavy losses.
  • Was able to effect the great military reform of the Compagnies dOrdonnance, of the Francs-Archers, and of the artillery of the brothers Bureau.
  • After six hours of desperate fighting the victory fell to the duke, who skilfully alternated the use of, archers and cavalry against the unwieldy English phalanx.
  • The undisciplined hordes of the king of Ossory and the Danes of Wexford could not stand before the Anglo-Norman tacticsthe charge of the knights and the arrowflight of the archers, skilfully combined by the adventurous invaders.
  • The advance of the third English line only made matters worse, and the sole attempt to deploy the archers was crushed with great slaughter by the charge of Keith's mounted men.

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