Sentence Examples

  • Meanwhile, the armies were kept in perpetual motion, procuring money for the impecunious Directory, making a diversion for internal Coup discontent, and also permitting of a reversed d~tatof Fructidor, against the anarchists, who had got the the 22nd upper hand in the partial elections of May 1798.
  • It was the zenith of the power of the baronial anarchists, who moved from camo to camp with shameless rapidity, wresting from one or other of the two rival sovereigns some royal castle, or some dangerous grant of financial or judicial rights, at each change of allegiance.
  • The assassin, who, it was for a time supposed, had been inflamed by the editorials and cartoons of the demagogic opposition press, but who professed to hold the views of that branch of anarchists who believe in the assassination of rulers and persons exercising political authority, was promptly seized, and was convicted and executed in October 1901.
  • The anarchists, under the leadership of Peukert, seem to have attained considerable numbers.
  • The government, which was seriously alarmed, introduced severe repressive measures; the leading anarchists were expelled or fled the country.

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