Sentence Examples

  • His indignation carried him into accord for a time with those who advocated the terrorist policy.
  • His elder brother, Alexander, was an active member of the terrorist party of the " Will of the people."
  • A commission of inquiry was then at last appointed by the Allies, and ordered elections under inter-Allied control and the dissolution of the terrorist " League of Volunteers."
  • JEAN BAPTISTE CARRIER (1756-1794), French Revolutionist and Terrorist, was born at Yolet, a village near Aurillac in Upper Auvergne.
  • This outrage, which was traced to the Communists, provided fresh proof that the Democratic leader Draskovic, as Minister of the Interior, was justified in his charges of widespread terrorist conspiracy and even in the much debated Decrees (Obznane) by which he sought to combat them.