Sentence Examples

  • It has long been doubted whether sodium yielded an alum; this was settled by N.
  • The western promontory is flanked on the north by the picturesque Alum Bay, and the lofty detached rocks known as the Needles lie off it..
  • Vapours are emitted which deposit sulphur and alum, and some mining is carried on.
  • It exported iron from Elba, mosaics, pottery, manufactured locally with earth from Ischia (which was in considerable demand until 1883), sulphur (which indeed was extracted in the neighbourhood until the 18th century), probably alum (which is still worked), perfumes, pozzolana earth (taking its name from the place), cretaceous earth for mixing with grain (alica) from the Leucogaean hills, glass cups engraved with views of Puteoli, mineral dyes (the blue invented.
  • Besides St James and City Hall parks in the city, San Jose has Alum Rock Canyon Park, a tract of woo acres, with sixteen mineral springs, in Penitencia Canyon, 7 m.

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