Sentence Examples

  • ALBUMIN, or Albumen (Lat.
  • The general trend of these researches lies in the study of the decomposition or " breaking down " products of the albumin molecules; once these are accurately determined, the synthesis of an albumin is but a matter of time.
  • The albumins contain in all cases the elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen; their composition, however, varies within certain limits: C= 50-55%, H = 6.9-7'.3%,N = 15-19%,S =0.32.4%7 0=1 92 4%, General char- crystallized albumin is C = 51.48%, H = 6.76%, N= acters.
  • Albumins: serum-albumin, egg-albumin, lact - albumin.
  • " Serumalbumin," or " blood-albumin," possibly C450H720N116S60140,, occurs in blood-serum, lymph, chyle, milk, &c.; its coagulation temperature is about 67°.

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