Sentence Examples

  • Lactic acid and alanine were shown to be oxyand amino-propionic acids respectively; glycollic acid and glycocoll, oxyand amino-acetic acids; salicylic and benzamic acids, oxyand amino-benzoic acids.
  • These decomposition products include: glycocoll or aminoacetic acid, NH 2 CH 2 Oooh, alanine d ucts.
  • Nh]]�CH2�CH2�CH2, hydroxyproline, phenyl alanine or phenyl-a-aminopropionic acid, C 6 H 5 � CH 2 � CH(NH 2) � Cooh, tyrosine or p-hydroxyphenyl-aaminopropionic acid, phenyl ethylamine, p-hydroxyphenyl ethylamine, tryptophane or indol aminopropionic acid, A.
  • The acid may also be synthesized by the decomposition of alanine (a-aminopropionic acid) by nitrous acid (K.
  • Dry mouth, transient rise of serum alanine aminotransferase values and sleeping disorders have been reported more frequently than in patients receiving placebo.

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