Sentence Examples

  • Two years are usually required for ageing, but some tobaccos are kept for four or five years before being manufactured.
  • In the construction of such an instrument it is essential that the wire should be subjected to a process of preparation or " ageing," which consists in passing through it a fairly strong current, at least the maximum that it will ever have to carry, and starting and stopping this current frequently.
  • It is essential that the permanent magnet should be subjected to a process of ageing so that its field may not be liable to change subsequently with time.
  • Augustus was ageing fast, and was more and more disinclined to appear personally in the senate or in public. Yet in A.D.
  • The cessation of assisted immigration early in the life of the present generation is alleged to have had considerable influence upon the rate, in Victoria, at least, owing to the curtailment of the supply of adult women of the more conceptive ages and the ageing of those who had reached the country at an earlier date.