Sentence Examples

  • Otherwise he would be adjudged a thief and die.
  • In 1335 Duke Henry died and the emperor adjudged his lands to the Habsburgs; wars broke out, and the result was that John Henry secured Tirol while the other contending family added Carinthia to its Austrian possessions.
  • This pronounced him guilty of disobedience, and adjudged him "unfit to serve his Majesty in any military capacity whatsoever."
  • Attendant on them were the heralds, who were the officers of their military court, wherein offences committed in the camp and field were tried and adjudged, and among whose duties it was to carry orders and messages, to deliver challenges and call truces, and to identify and number the wounded and the slain.
  • After the death of Achilles the Greeks adjudged his armour to Odysseus as the man who had done most to end the war successfully.

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