Sentence Examples

  • In this northern region villages are built in the Sudanese zeriba style, surrounded with thorn fences; more important places are enclosed by a well-built wall and strongly fortified.
  • The wells being occupied and a zeriba formed, the column started on the evening of the 18th.
  • A squadron of the 9th Royal Lancers, which was dismounted in the thick bush, was driven back with the loss of 9 men; but elsewhere the Arabs never succeeded in closing, and the troops returned to Suakin in the afternoon, leaving the East Surrey regiment in a zeriba covering some low hills near Hashin village.
  • A native had brought information that the enemy intended to attack while the zeriba was being formed, and this actually occurred.
  • A small party of dervishes still held a zeriba when King John was struck by a stray bullet.

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