Sentence Examples

  • But repeated or sustained use could cause serious harm as the body is plunged into and out of starvation rations, bouncing weight up and down like any other yo-yo diet, and straining the body's systems to run on far too little fuel.
  • One impressive technique is the ability to rip apart a maintenance truck and wield a wrecking ball as if it were a giant yo-yo, knocking helicopters and tanks around as if they were flies buzzing around a picnic.
  • Also called the 3-Day Diet, Greenlane Diet, and the British Heart Foundation Diet, this diet has a dangerously low calorie intake that promotes quick water weight loss and yo-yo dieting.
  • This way, you can dial it in nice and slow -- aim for losing a pound of bodyfat per week -- without falling prey to the classic yo-yo dieting fallacies.
  • You should avoid fad diets, however, called "yo-yo dieting" for a reason: you lose a large amount of weight quickly and then regain it twice as fast.