Sentence Examples

  • And, dividing by y1y2...ym, the discriminant of f is seen to be equal to the product of the squares of all the differences of any two roots of the equation.
  • LLANDOVERY (Llan-ym-ddyffri), a market town and ancient municipal borough of Carmarthenshire, Wales, situated amid hills near the left bank of the Towy.
  • The place probably owes its Celtic name of Llan-ym-ddyffri (the church amid the waters) to the proximity of Llandingat church to the streams of the Towy, Bran and Gwydderig.
  • By 7 (5); hence, if ~, u, v be now used to denote the component angular momenta about the co-ordinate axes, we have X=~tm(pyqx)ym(rxpz)zl, with two similar formulae, or x= ApHqGr=~, 1
  • The second conjugation has for endings -of, -ot, -ddo, -ddi; -om, -och, -ddynt; the third -yf, -yt, -ddo, -ddi; -ym, -ych, -ddynt.