Sentence Examples

  • Many recreation administrators begin working for government organizations, universities or large non-profit organizations like the YMCA before deciding to go it alone as entrepreneurs developing their own outdoor recreation companies.
  • However, it is highly unlikely that an afternoon yoga class featured at a suburban YMCA will be Hindu Yoga, one of the many forms of yoga found in India but rarely practiced in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Canada.
  • It may also be the case that even though there are no dance studios offering swing lessons in your region, every once in a while a public dance is held at a community center, YMCA, or other public venue.
  • If you don't know how to play one of these but interested in doing so, you can usually find lessons or people you can learn from at places in your community such as the YMCA, WMCA or a local gym.
  • Whether you prefer to exercise in your home gym or you like the camaraderie found in your local YMCA, hop on your favorite cardio equipment, or try a new machine, to get your heart pumping.