Sentence Examples

  • Isatis - A small group of perennials, with little garden value; the Dyers Woad, a native plant (Isatis tinctoria) is interesting as yielding the blue dye with which the ancient Britons painted their bodies.
  • Of plants used for dyeing, the principal are bastard saffron, madder, woad and the indigo plant.
  • Isatis affords a blue dye, woad.
  • Attempts to trace the architecture of Central America directly from Old-Woad types have not been successful, while on the other hand its decoration shows proof of original invention, especially in the imitations of woodwork which passed into sculptured ornament when the material became stone instead of wood.
  • Of dye-stuffs there are produced henna (Lawsonia iijermis) principally grown at Khabis near Kermn, woad and madder; a small quantity of indigo is grown near Dizfu and Shushter.