Sentence Examples

  • Wide, and is a frightful series of torrents and whirlpools interspersed with rocks.
  • The tidal currents, or races, or roost (as some of them are called locally, from the Icelandic) off many of the isles run with enormous velocity, and whirlpools are of frequent occurrence, and strong enough at times to prove a source of danger to small craft.
  • The junction of the great river Beni with the Madeira is at the Madeira Fall, a vast and grand display of reefs, whirlpools and boiling torrents.
  • Depending on the suites chosen, rooms have king-size beds, private balconies overlooking Lake Eden, heart-shaped whirlpools, a 7-foot champagne glass whirlpool and fireplaces.
  • A playground for adults, the Paradise Stream Resort offers couples a chance to go paddle boating, horseback riding near a winding stream, whirlpools, heated pools and a game room.