Sentence Examples

  • For this reason some of the strong Canadian wheats have commanded in the home market 5s.
  • Spring wheats procured from northern latitudes mature more rapidly than those from temperate or hot climates, whilst the reverse is the case with autumn wheats from the same source.
  • Autumn wheats, on the other hand, are subjected to an enforced rest for a period of several months, and even when grown in milder climates remain quiescent for a longer period, and start into growth later in spring - much later than varieties of southern origin.
  • Wheats of dry countries and of those exposed to severe winds have, says De Vilmorin, narrow leaves, pliant straw, bearded ears, and velvety chaff - characteristics which enable them to resist wind and drought.
  • Wheats of moist climates, on the other hand, have broader leaves, to admit of more rapid transpiration.