Sentence Examples

  • Here they found the "self-sown" wheatfields and vines of Leif's Vinland, and here accordingly they settled and built their huts above the lake (1004-1005).
  • While the pennated grouse (called the prairie chicken in Canada) has always been plentiful, the prairie hen (or chicken) proper is a more recent arrival from Minnesota and Dakota, to which states it had come from Illinois and the south as settlement and accompanying wheatfields extended north.
  • The saga says that he was "tossed about" on this long voyage, and came upon an unknown country, where he found "selfsown wheatfields, and vines," and also some trees called "mosur," of which he took specimens.
  • Most region of Vinland, the saga says: "They found self-sown wheatfields in the lowlands, but vines everywhere on higher places..
  • The proximity of the rich wheatfields of the northwest, and the extensive timber forests, have made Minneapolis the greatest lumber and flour centre in the world.

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