Sentence Examples

  • Connected with the years during which he held office is one of the weightiest charges against his character.
  • Of the many objections urged against the play, perhaps the weightiest is that which condemns the frigid and superfluous part of the Infanta.
  • The students of the university he taught in daily lectures, passing in review the weightiest and lightest authors of antiquity, and pouring forth a flood of miscellaneous erudition.
  • The Apologeticus, which in the 3rd century was translated into Greek, is the weightiest work in defence of Christianity of the first two centuries.
  • Every one who takes up the book in the proper religious frame of mind, like most of the Moslems, reads pieces directed against long-obsolete absurd customs of Mecca just as devoutly as the weightiest moral precepts - perhaps even more devoutly, because he does not understand them so well.

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