Sentence Examples

  • 5 (N.S.), cesses through which a waxy secretion is dis- Div.
  • It also combines with dry ammonia at 300-400° to form sodamide, NaNH 2, a white waxy mass when pure, which melts at 155°.
  • To the same family belongs the horned poppy, Glaucium luteum, found in sandy sea-shores and characterized by the waxy bloom of its leaves and large gcilden-yellow short-stalked flowers.
  • Pot-8-os: Waxy (D), Champion (D, L), Tyrant (D), Nightshade (0).
  • Other species the glands are confined to the lower portion of the cavity surface, while the upper part bear a smooth waxy secretion on which it is impossible, or at any rate extremely difficult, for insects to secure a foothold.