Sentence Examples

  • For instance, a strategy guide makes much more sense for a fighting game like Street Fighter IV, since a walkthrough would only consist of a single sentence: Defeat all your opponents in succession to complete the game.
  • That's why this path is perhaps one of the more interesting and timely ones for you to enjoy.In this final portion of the Return of the King walkthrough, you start with an escape from Osgiliath.
  • This walkthrough also specifically mentions some of the routine diagnostic procedures done in the office, including a 3-D digital x-ray machine that minimizes actual patient exposure to x-rays.
  • This is the kind of tip and trick that you may not be able to find through standard video game walkthrough guides, because it is not really the intended way to play the game.
  • In addition to a step-by-step walkthrough of Kawa, our extensive guide also includes some helpful pointers that will help you better understand the structure of the game.

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