Sentence Examples

  • The remaining three volumes appeared posthumously.
  • The collected edition of George Sand's works was published in Paris (1862-1883) in 96 volumes, with supplement 109 volumes; The Histoire de Ma Vie appeared in 20 volumes in 1854-1855.
  • The town library contains about 100,000 volumes, including some valuable examples of early printing.
  • The first three volumes of Treviranus's Biologie, which contains his general views of evolution, appeared between 1802 and 1805.
  • But Gladys was delighted and after a night, ostensibly in adjoining rooms, the pair were off, with giggles and tears and a proud pronouncement that Arlen had agreed to present all seven volumes of Belfair and her galactic cohorts to the waiting world of letters—in paperback form.