Sentence Examples

  • Whenever I visited Roosevelt on official business, I found a man adroit, voluble, assured and smiling.
  • Industrial Contamination: Industries often use voluble chemicals like solvents and heavy metals like lead in their processes.
  • John Tanner (Juan Tenor) is a voluble exponent of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, who finally falls a victim to the life force in Ann.
  • Of Sulpicius as an orator, Cicero says (Brutus, 55): "He was by far the most dignified of all the orators I have heard, and, so to speak, the most tragic; his voice was loud, but at the same time sweet and clear; his gestures were full of grace; his language was rapid and voluble, but not redundant or diffuse; he tried to imitate Crassus, but lacked his charm."