Sentence Examples

  • It exploded on the scene like volley of photon torpedoes on May 10, 2009, just two days after the release of Star Trek (2009) in theaters, and today is the busiest Star Trek page on Life Journal.
  • Where there is water, there is fun, and tossing a few beach balls into the water or stringing a volley ball net across the shallow end of the pool will give your guests some more options as well.
  • Movement of the right arm is begun by the left motor cortex, which generates a large volley of signals to the involved muscles.
  • If you're game is pretty basic (i.e. if basically all you do is serve and volley), then you can go with a basic tennis racket.
  • Then they would let loose a volley of flaming arrows, which would ignite the naphtha, setting the crusaders on fire.