Sentence Examples

  • The latter is, in comparison with mammals, represented by its middle portion only, the vermis; in a sagittal section it shows an extremely well developed arbor vitae, produced by the transverse, repeated folding of the whole organ.
  • In his will he desired to be buried without any state and without a monument, "but at the utmost a plain stone with this superscription only, Vermis sum, acknowledging myself to be unworthy of the least outward regard in this world and unworthy of any remembrance that hath been so great a sinner."
  • Verminus, vermis, a worm), the collective name applied to various classes of objectionable, harmful or destructive animals.
  • Vermis must be connected.
  • Vermis, worm, fugare, to put to flight) is applied to the purgative usually given after the vermicide for the purpose of expelling the worm.