Sentence Examples

  • I began with the spotted kind, but, not loving variegation in any form, I went to a good nursery, where I picked out a number of green forms, which differed so much in leaf that I had the greatest pleasure in using them.
  • There are several varieties-a drooping kind, which is one of the best of all pendulous trees, and a variegated-leaved kind, which is not satisfactory, as the variegation is seldom good.
  • The variegated leaved form of the common Comfrey (S. officinale) has striking variegation, effective in a garden of hardy flowers, and thriving in any soil.
  • There is also a variety in which golden or striped leaves mingle with the green ones in a pretty way, but this variegation is apt to disappear.
  • People who love variegation were delighted with this for years, and it took long to find out the really good things under this name.