Sentence Examples

  • 4 A model of an Astarte with ram's horns was unearthed by R.
  • Edward Dowden unearthed new correspondence with William Hayley in The Atlantic Monthly (1907).
  • These agree with the more or less clear allusions in the Old Testament to myths of creation, Eden, deluge, mountain of gods, Titanic folk, world-dragons, heavenly hosts, &c., and also with the unearthed seals, tablets, altars, &c. representing mythical ideas.
  • At Kampos, on the western side of Taygetus, a small domed tomb of the "Mycenean" age was excavated in 1890 and yielded two leaden statuettes of great interest, while at Arkina a similar tomb of poor construction was unearthed in the previous year.
  • Arslan-Tepe, near Ordasu (two hours from Malatia); large mound whence two sculptured stelae or wall-blocks with inscriptions in relief have been unearthed (now in Constantinople and the Louvre).