Sentence Examples

  • One noticeable absence from the soundtrack is Anjulie's Boom which can be heard in the season one episode, You're Undead to Me when Bonnie (Katerina Graham) ignited the water and the car at the carwash.
  • Zombies: The walking undead are easy targets on Halloween and are easy to put together with some old clothes, a bit of makeup and if you're feeling adventurous, try out some latex appliances.
  • With movies like Resident Evil and Zombieland invigorating the zombie movie genre, more and more enthusiasts of the undead want to play board games along the same lines at home.
  • Right off the bat you're on the train trying to get the loot-which is basically a tutorial level-and the next minute you're riding your recently undead horse fighting Lazarus.
  • Books and games weren't the only places you could find women in jeopardy, brooding atmosphere, the antics the undead, devil worship, and other dark doings.