Sentence Examples

  • Straight Edge sports the message of a drug-free lifestyle, and because of the way that the clothing is designed, manages to remove some of the "uncool" stigma that's usually attached to that message.
  • It also becomes "uncool" to be friends with your parents and instead bond with other teens and be defiant, even if that means causing trouble and engaging in risky or illegal behavior.
  • Shorts are getting shorter, tops are getting skinnier, and some kids will wear a tank and mini skirt in a snow storm before they will wear something practical and "uncool".
  • What may be cool to you runs a strong risk of being uncool to your daughter, so use the tips and recommendations below to find something you both can agree on.
  • Napolean Dynamite: Featuring Jon Heder, the film conquers the life of uncool Napolean as he tries to dance his way into the hearts of his classmates.