Sentence Examples

  • In its fulness the system lasted just sixty years, for the first breach in it was made by an act of George IV., in 18 2 7, by which the chief turnpikes in London were abolished.
  • Industrially the early part of the 19th century was marked in New Jersey by the construction of bridges and turnpikes, the utilization of water power for manufactures, and the introduction of steam motive power upon the navigable waters.
  • Authorized the taking of such tolls at " turnpikes " in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.
  • In 1835 the state agreed to subscribe one-third to the capital stock of companies organized to lay out turnpikes, railways, &c., and four years later the proportion became one-half.
  • Turnpikes were abolished in Prussia in 1874 and in Saxony in 1885.

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